The Floor Hockey Revolution Is Here!

Slik-Stik® is the world's first and only regulation floor hockey stick. It is the most exciting concept in floor hockey to date, all made possible by its amazing new and functional playing tip. Extensive research has brought about the development of Slik-Stik's® specially processed, non-marring "Fibryn®" tip. This unique, durable tip offers complete protection for all types of playing surfaces. The days of costly refinishing to gym floors are over. Slik-Stik® now makes floor hockey accessible to all schoool boards and recreation departments without the worry of those added expenses. It is the only stick which offers full floor protection for all floor hockey players.
Grab a stick and join the revolution!
Please note as of Dec 30, 2023 you can start emailing Slik-Stik Inc. to the below address:

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Kathryn Green